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Star5 qty good

very good mask, like it

Posted on 17-04-08 Recommend
Star5 qty BEST treatment for acne scars

I'm 100% obsessed with this mask! I had a bunch of bright pink acne scars across my chin and some on my cheeks after a couple years of bad stress breakouts, after using the lime masks 5 times over a week and a half they were essentially gone! I can finally stop wearing concealer and even any powder! 

Posted on 17-04-08 Recommend
Star3 qty not the best of innisfree

I tried and after I had a dry skin.

I didn't like the smell. That had tought myself at the lime dishwasher soap. 

I won't buy again this smell. But the other mask sheet no problem.

Posted on 17-04-03 Recommend
Star5 qty Good
May…@gmail.com Really brightened my skin!
Posted on 17-04-03 Recommend
Star5 qty Love it
pra…@gmail.com I love this sheet mask
Posted on 17-04-02 Recommend