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Star5 qty good
hot…@gmail.com adf44950b3d56c609459cd7f615183b7_1497529
so fresh and bright after use this mask. luvv
Posted on 17-06-15 Recommend
Star4 qty Love Innisfree

Like it. Smell is good. 73ee56aa84b849f216501a03b77d2126_1497015 

Posted on 17-06-09 Recommend
Star5 qty Nice
xia…@gmail.com Great mask, I always use this brand, recommend!!!
Posted on 17-06-01 Recommend
Star5 qty Good

It's a good mask.c53c0329d43c73fb8f300d2218bd8cec_1496288

Posted on 17-06-01 Recommend
Star1 qty 2.5/5

did nth much, nth much, nth much. the kind of scent which i don't like. mmm.. nastyyyyyyy!

they've the same scent for aloe, cucumber,bamboo, lemon! i think it's the sameeee. ( literally ) delt tacky tacky tacky! 

Posted on 17-05-22 Recommend