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Star5 qty Good
Rin…@gmail.com Oil control
Posted on 17-10-25 Recommend
Star3 qty Not bad

I was exited when I first bought this product because I heard many good thing about it, but I was a little disappointed. It leaves a white powdery look to my makeup

Posted on 17-10-21 Recommend
Star5 qty very good, recommended!

very good, recommended!

Posted on 17-10-18 Recommend
Star4 qty Good
cou…@gmail.com After hearing so much abot this powder i finally tried it. Its my first time using translucent powder to set my makeup ao have no comparison but my skin feels so soft afterwards and makeup doesnt move.
Posted on 17-10-14 Recommend
Star4 qty [Innisfree] No Sebum Mineral Powder
dew…@gmail.com Not bad
Posted on 17-10-12 Recommend