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Star4 qty good
vic… it does get my makeup off well. i would use a different product for my eye makeup on days its heavier. it comes off but it sticks to my eyelashes and feels uncomfortable, but for foundation it works good
Posted on 17-08-17 Recommend
Star5 qty Fantastic oil based makeup cleanser!

I absolutely loved this product. It is so gentle on the skin ( I have sensitive skin) so it did not make my face go red. My makeup came off really quickly and easily. The oil managed to grab every single last bit of makeup so there was no residue left behind. This is my first time using an oil cleanser and I will never go back to boring make up remover cleansing waters. I love this product!!!!

Posted on 17-08-04 Recommend
Star3 qty arrived!

there is a nice lock on the pump so it is good to travel with

Posted on 17-07-06 Recommend

This product is very effective. I use it nightly to remove make up. It leaves my face feeling clean and soft.

Posted on 17-06-30 Recommend
Star3 qty After a couple of tries...

When I saw the reviews,I thought to myself would be a good buy..but i was kinda wrong. My makeup consists of more of the long lasting type hence i would need a really good oil cleanser..and this product didn't do that much for me sadly.When I go use my cleansing water,I still had residue on my base makeup so I was upset on the outcome.If I triple cleansed,it won't be as bad if I triple cleansed using this product tho.I know myself I won't be repurchasing this.

Posted on 17-06-24 Recommend

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