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Star3 qty Didn't do anything

The eye patches don't stick on very well, so I had to lay flat on my bed when I had these on. After 10-15 minutes, there wasn't much of a change. The skin under my eyes were just really moist, but it got absorbed and went back to it's original state. No difference in my skin. 

Posted on 17-01-21 Recommend
Star5 qty Nice Product

Nice Product. Provides relaxation for tired eyes so as not to cause eye fatigue blackened.

Posted on 17-01-20 Recommend
Star5 qty Very nice
jle…@yahoo.com I love these eye patches, they stick well, hydrate the skin under your eyes, and don't leave a sticky residue. Would buy again!
Posted on 17-01-20 Recommend
Star5 qty nice

feels cooling and relaxes me! would totally buy again!

Posted on 17-01-19 Recommend
Star3 qty nice mask

i didn't see much difference. feels nice tho 

Posted on 17-01-18 Recommend