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Star4 qty Nice!
aye…@gmail.com Very cooling on the skin, has a refreshing feeling. Didn't really see any magical changes though, or any. Might be a product that needs continued usage for any sort of change other than the cooling sensation.
Posted on 17-09-21 Recommend
Star4 qty Must have
vrj…@yahoo.com We don't always have time to do an all over face mask, but the eye area is very important. The most delicate skin is the eye area, give it the attention it needs without having to lie down for half an hour. I slap these babies under my eyes, do the dishes, vacuum, weed the garden, run to the store (people look at you like you're crazy, but who cares lol), Then gently remove. ATTENTION: if you squint at all, the patches will cause lines/wrinkles when you take the off. TIPS: Do not remove excess ampule from patch before applying, then occasionally smooth with clean ringfingertips, or jade roller to prevent indentation from patches.
Posted on 17-08-24 Recommend
Star5 qty Best product for eyebags

I applied this at night and the next morning my eyes feel so much better. The skin under my eyes was more fresh and with better color, nothing of that darker color. These results during 1 week and 3 days more or less on my skin.

I'll definitely  repurchase this!!


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Posted on 17-08-18 Recommend
Star3 qty Eye patches
viv…@gmail.com A very cooling eye patch, don't see any visible results after the first use. 

Posted on 18-06-09 Recommend
Star3 qty normal

i thought the patches would be really thick, but they were super thin and kind of hard to apply. It didnt do anything to my darkcircles, probably because I only used it once. 

Posted on 17-08-13 Recommend