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3. colourinh2o@com… 17-04-04
Dear Lala, thank you so much for answering my question abt restocking the Lemon peel. I came back here to order some Neogen products as I had a coupon for 30% off. I though that it expired today....meaning at 12AM ...USA time. I don't see the coupon!!!:( Was I wrong in thinking about time? So sorry to bother you! I am still new here & trying to learn your system:) Is there anyway I can get the 30% off for tonight for Neogen, PLEASE?!! Thank you very much! Donita
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2. colourinh2o@com… 17-04-04
When will this item be back Sir? I would like to use my 30%off Neogen products to get the Lemon pads!! Thank you so much.

Hello dear customer,

I'm lala from Stylekorean team.


We will re-stock the product as soon as possible. It probably takes 1-2 weeks.


Hope it helps! 


Thank you.


1. aprilbaha@gmail… 17-01-13
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