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4. mflointl@gmail.… 17-03-14

I can't tell whether this is 5g or 15g of this product, can you clarify please? Thanks.


Hello dear customer,

I'm lala from Stylekorean team.


Hi! It's 20g as we stated in the description box. 


Thank you.


3. serenachen23@gm… 16-09-16
This is secret post.
2. eileen.zhou@gma… 16-08-20

Hi there!


I love the website and the prices are great.  Just wanted to let you know that the image for the "[Innisfree] No sebum Mineral powder" ( actually shows the Mineral Pact instead.  I thought I was ordering the Mineral Pact when I was placing this order.  Luckily I like the powder too, so I'm happy to keep this and reorder the pact, but it could be very misleading to other customers.


Thanks for making Korean skincare products available at a decent price overseas.





Hello dear customer.


I’m amanda of stylekorean manager.


Thank you for your order and your love and support of StyleKorean!

We change Innisfree no sebum mineral powder's wrong image. You ordered mineral powder and we shipped it.

Thank your for informing it to us.

Thank you for your patronage.


[From. Stylekorean]

1. ristiana85@gmai… 15-10-19

very good prosuct for acne skin,thanks stylekorean

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